While we might not all be out partying every Saturday night, we all do want to have some social connections in our lives. For some people, that just means having a few close friends who you can have over to dinner every once in a while to your home. For others, that means heading out on the weekend to the hottest clubs and always being open to meeting new people and adding to your friends list. The main purpose for being social is usually just to get out and have some fun. But, it can also actually be good for your overall health.

The main reason for this is that it is actually human nature to seek relationships with other people and to want to be entertained. This is part of a balanced life and is as important to your happiness as your job or your family back at home. Being social is a way of reducing stress and of working a different part of your brain than you would in other situations. There are many different ways of being social and each of these requires a different skill set.

Having a successful social life can also help you in your business life. For example, you might find that the skills needed for getting friends are the same as those necessary for getting clients. Work executives will tell you that as many promotions and job opportunities come from knowing the right people and building up relationships as those that come from experience and training. There are some industries that rely more on your social skills than others. You might need them a bit more if you want to work in entertainment than you would if you were an accountant.

We all need someone to talk and vent to every once in a while. Some people choose to tell their problems to a paid therapist but most of us still turn to a weekend with a few good friends when we want to relax and get something off of our minds. Friends are going to be there for you when you need them and in order to keep good friends in your life you're going to need to be social and hang out with them.

If you're an active person than there are many social things that you can do that are great for your physical health as well. Invite people that you work with to go dancing on a Saturday night or invite some of your friends on a ski trip for a few days during the holidays. Being active can be even more fun when you're doing it as a group.

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