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Physical activities are becoming more of a part of our daily lives and this trend is only going to increase with time. It does not matter if it is a Pilates DVD that we use to help our daily exercise or going out to a physical gym. It is all the same; all good for our health.

The sports industry has become a multi billion dollar one and for good reason. The emphasis these days is on fitness but there is more that fuels this vibrant and robust industry. Athletes do their part by requiring funding for Olympics training. Companies do their part by producing products and services and even coaches does their part by requiring products and services to help them cope with a hard day's work at the office.

Sports play so many parts in our lives. When we watch an exciting hockey game on TV, it is sports that are entertaining us. When we take our kids to a soccer game, it is again sports that are coming into our lives and those of our kids and after a quiet session we again call on the hand of sport to help us as we head towards a tennis court to work off our stresses and pressures.

Just the action of kicking a ball is sport. The passing of a puck is sport. The afternoon swim in a pool or even in the ocean, the jogging on a trail or running on a beach, are all actions of sport. Taking your dog for a brisk walk on a wintry could even be classified as a part of sport; physical activity. Let's face it! No matter what we do, it is sport. Going to a gym, being a spectator at a ball game, or attending a figure skating event, are all ingredients of sports.

Sporting and fitness activities will continue to dominate our landscape for the foreseeable future. It could be for daily fitness, amateur or professional sports, or just for a charitable cause. Sports are everywhere. On our TV screens, on the screens of our laptops and mobile devices, in our homes, in our malls, and almost everywhere. We live it, we breathe it, and we digest it. Athletes will continue to push the envelope, all in the name of sports. So why not enjoy it?

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