Exercise is fun, holds the potential to improve your body and make you more attractive, and can even make you money if you're good enough to play a sport professionally; however, the main benefit of exercise is to your health, which is why any doctor will advise you to take regular exercise or physical activity. This article will give you an overview of some of the many health benefits associated with exercise.

Cardiovascular Health

When people die of natural causes in their home, do you know what has given out in their bodies? It is usually the heart or lungs. Breathing and blood circulation are the two most crucial bodily functions to staying alive, and exercise helps make your heart and lungs stronger. When you exercise, your heart is forced to beat faster and your lungs are forced to supply more oxygen. This builds their endurance and enables them to work harder for longer than un-exercised organs.

Weight Maintenance

Being overweight is a danger to your health. Excess fat in your arteries can build up and cause heart attacks and strokes. Overeating is the primary cause of an unhealthy weight. Stopping your destructive eating habits may require cognitive therapy, but what is going to really help you lose weight and keep it off is a comprehensive exercise program. Exercise gradually burns off the fat stored in your body, reducing the risk it poses to you in the future and giving you an increased range of motion.

Muscle Building

When you sign up for personal training or an aerobics class in order to increase your muscle mass, what does your trainer/teacher have you do? Exercise, of course! By working your muscles you force them to build up their strength and endurance. Even before your muscle mass starts to increase you'll notice an increase in your capabilities, leaving you able to lift more and run longer than before. Once your muscles come in, you'll also get the benefit of being more attractive to potential partners.

Stress Relief

Most people are aware of the above effects of exercise, but did you know exercise is a great stress reliever as well? Going for massages is a good temporary measure, but it's too expensive to keep up, especially when going for a nice run or bike ride will give you the same feeling. Exercising gives you a chance to decompress after a hard day and offers you the chance to think through your problems with a clear head and no distractions. Exercise also releases pleasurable chemicals into the brain that make exercising a pleasure, leaving you energized and ready to face your life.

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