Sports. There are very few people out there who don't really care for sports. Sure, there are some who vehemently hate the concept of sports and want nothing to do with sports of any kind. More often than not though everybody has some passing interest in sports in some way. From either managing a fantasy football team in a league full of co-workers, playing in a recreational softball league, watching professional football on television every Sunday afternoon, betting on baseball games or having a son or daughter who's in a youth soccer league.

Sports. They're everywhere and they will continue to be a big part of our culture until the end of time. If you're an active person who plays in some sort of sporting league or goes out and enjoys a day outside partaking in a sport such as football or soccer then you already know one of the main rules of sports: "there is no 'I' in team." That old school cliche will never go out of style and will come up hundreds of times throughout a three hour broadcast of an NFL game full of TV commercials for car sweepstakes.

Another aspect of sports that everybody who follows sports is the poor loser mentality. Nobody likes to play sports with a poor loser but there is usually one on every team. There's always that one person who takes the game way more seriously then everybody else on the team and makes the game less fun than it is because they lost. Nobody likes losing but it's a part of the game. To use another sports cliche, "somebody has to win; somebody has to lose."

Winning and losing are both a part of the game but you can't tell that to the poor loser after the game who's in the dugout cursing everybody else out because they just lost. Nobody wants that person on their team but will more than likely find one on their team. No matter how many experiential team building exercises you go through they just won't get the concept of the team and good sportsmanship. The only thing they care about is winning. Nothing else matters to them.

The poor loser mentality can be found in every level of sports from the minor leagues to the major leagues, from players to coaches to managers. If you're the type of person who hates confrontation and pressure but still love playing sports then you're best bet is to sign up for a recreational league that doesn't care about winning or losing but just enjoys playing the game. That or sign up for a yoga class.

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