Not everyone's favorite sport is soccer, and even if it was, very few people are able to compete at a high level like the Dinaburg FC. However, this needn't keep you from competing in sport. There are many levels of competition, and the best one to start with is not professional franchises. It's recreational sports leagues in your own neighborhood. If you're thinking you'd like to get started with competing in sport, this article can give you some ideas on where to begin.

The logical first step is to visit the community center nearest your home and speak to the staff there. They will know which recreational sporting leagues operate from their center. There will almost certainly be leagues devoted to hockey, soccer, and basketball at your community center no matter where it is you live. However if you want to play a more obscure sport, such as cricket, Australian Rules Football, or Jai-alai, you may have to go to the largest urban community center that you can find, as they will have more patrons and therefore more choices.


Competing in a recreational sports league is as simple as signing up. There is no need to try out, though you may want to get in shape if you want to make a good showing during your games. In some leagues, teams will keep being created as long as there are people interested in playing. In other leagues the number of teams is fixed and therefore sign ups are done on a first come first served basis, so you will have to get there early to secure a spot.

Recreational sport leagues are organized by people in the community, so there is likely to be a registration fee to help with the cost of field rentals and equipment, and you will probably have to buy or borrow your jersey. Depending on the skill of your team leader, things may run smoothly or fall apart completely. If you're dissatisfied with your team leader or there's a sport not available and you know people in neighboring homes also want to play, why not start your own team or league?

Most people play in recreational leagues for fun, fitness, and skill development. There is almost no chance of being recruited to a pro team from a rec league. There is still a tournament and a trophy, usually, so if you want to win consider attending summer hockey camps to boost your skill level.

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