The main reason most young people attend college or university is to receive a great education that will enable them to start a career in their chosen industry. Whether they want to end up running for politics or to become a lawyer, universities and colleges provide the first steps towards completing that journey and kick starting their life.

That doesn't mean an education is the only thing students will receive throughout their college and university career. College and university provides an opportunity to find yourself, make friends, learn about the real world and have lots of fun before the responsibilities that come with entering adulthood start happening. At some point you will have graduated from college or university, started a career, bought a piece of real estate and perhaps even started a family. As you can see you'll be quite busy after college or university and you won't have as much free time to have fun and enjoy life as you do now.

One of the most popular fun activities in college and university is supporting the varsity sports team of the college or university you attend. The term varsity might seem unfamiliar to most people who don't live in the United States or follow college sports from the comfort of their home. Varsity teams are the main athletic team that represents their school.

Most varsity college or university teams compete against other varsity sports teams from other colleges and universities. These varsity teams are then grouped into athletic conferences that play each other on a regular basis and form rivalries. These rivalries are usually the most important games of the year other than championship games. The most popular varsity teams in the Unites States are the football teams.

They're the ones with the rabid fan bases, national television coverage and lots of money donated by boosters to keep their programs alive. American college football isn't just popular in the United States. People from all over the world turn their television sets to root for their favorite teams.

If you're currently enrolled in college or university and go to a school such as Florida, Notre Dame, USC or Michigan then you know from firsthand experience how crazy the whole varsity football phenomenon is. Even if you don't like sports you should still root for your team as it brings you closer to your fellow students and you can always have some fond memories to look back on. Take advantage of the opportunity you're given now and take in an ole ball game once you've put the books down.

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